NMD 2016 Pavilion

The Nordic Music Days Pavilion will premiere at this years festival. The NMD Pavilion serves as a platform for experiments, research, critical discussions, lectures, panels and workshops. With INTEGRATION as the key word, the NMD Pavilion will tackle topics such as archiving in experimental music, gender equality in the contemporary music scene, culture politics within the Nordic countries and the integration and modernization of the West Nordic countries.

NMD 2016 aims to create a temporary non-physical structure in the public areas of Reykjavik's concert hall Harpa. Here artists, music professionals and audience in the festival will meet and discuss, be introduced to each other and new collaborations can be established. The NMD Pavilion rethinks the hierarchy and instrumentality which is normally intrinsic to a fair, moulding it into a living archive or library, whose items of sound, text, scores, books, video, computer code etc may produce and provoke dialogue and discussions among its users. The archive may potentially include all kinds of materials and structures related to experimental music and sound art. Between archive and library recently, discourses in the art field have centered around the concept of the archive. While an archive might be thought of as serving a distant future, a library, like music and sound, addresses living people and implies their active use of a material. The concept of borrowing and lending back in a library connects both to the temporary character of sound and to the interaction of music and sound with users in a public realm. A library is a place to exchange knowledge, and its users are more juxtaposed than in a fair. To a larger extent than an archive, a library also exposes its users to items that they did not look for in the first place.