what inspires me?

Unn Patursson (Faroe islands), composer, conductor, singer

Unn Patursson. Photo: Eyð Lín Patursson á Rógvu

Unn Patursson. Photo: Eyð Lín Patursson á Rógvu

I often get inspired by working with singers and musicians. Rehearsing and performing with a choir or a band can awaken my interest for making something new. In the Faroe Islands we have a rich tradition of singing old ballads, dancing the chain dance, and choral singing. This has had a strong effect on the way I make music. Going to a concert or seeing a movie can also be very inspiring.

I like to nd a mood or an atmosphere that I’ve experienced, or that I long to experience, but what I do is not always intentional. Sometimes the mood or sound that I was trying to create ends up being expressed entirely differently from what I started with. It’s not always what I imagined in my head that gets expressed in the end. Sometimes I set out to express something specific, and other times I go more with the ow.

My music is not directly inspired by politics as such, but at times I think that the world can be hard to penetrate, whereas music can communicate truth in a more relatable way. So through music I can contribute a creative comment to the world around me.